Sunday, February 22, 2009

THRIFT Showcased in U of I Fashion Show

This past weekend THRIFT had the honor of being a showcased designer in the Cirque De Mode Fashion Show. This event showcased an incredible stage production with great props, dancers and of course incredible clothing.

THRIFT was the introductory and featured designer for the circus production. Our bright colors and incredibly stylized designs fit right in with the circus theme which featured incredible makeup and outrageous hair! Our clothing was well received and won over many spectators.

We were able to meet some great new people and be a part of the Universitiy of Illinois diverse artistic and cultured student body for an evening . Check out the images from the show below! Keep tuning back for more!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

We are Barbie Girls, In a Barbie World!

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I know I blogged on this before, but finally, the Barbie Mercedes Benz Fashion Show aired! Yes, it was amazing and yes, it brought back some nostalgia for us! I love, still love and will always love Barbie! I know as a feminist, many a woman would scorn me for this, but hey- I am a fashionista too!

Barbie always signified all things glamourous and fashion like for me! I can recall designing miniature garments and sewing them for my barbies at the ripe age of 7 with my first sewing machine! I can also remember my first fashion drawing kit and yes, it was a mattel Barbie Fashion Stencil Kit! Barbie instilled in me the love of fashion and I am amazed at the longevity of the brand!

The Barbie show was incredible and it definitely pulled in some great vintage stylings as well as some crazy off the wall contemporary outfits for 2009! I just loved the designs as well as the INCREDIBLE pink Louboutin pumps! The owners thank Barbie for developing the imagination in us for our love of fashion! You can see some great vintage and contemporary mixings in the line shown at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show and you know THRIFT is all about mixing vintage and contemporary for a unique look!

Keep checking back for more fashion lovers!


Thrift-for the good find!

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Hand Painted Couture In Hands of the People

Hello All!

This Spring Thrift- for the good find has brought to you an array of beautiful designs and we have only just begun! If you are a fashion maven (and even if you are not!) and you have been keeping your eyes peeled to the new and interesting trends that are going on around you, you can see Thrift is working hard to bring you fun and up to date fashion, but at smarter than couture prices.

Yes, part of our charm is the fact that we have a designer eye, but with a better price. You can see many of the couture designers creating hand painted garments. Yet, they are not vintage, nor are they one of a kind. Not to knock anyone because Vic and I LOVE the designs of couture makers like Cavali and Posen, but we of course, can't afford them.

So, what we are doing is bringing you items that have a little similiarity to those beautiful designers, but that are most definitely unique and available to the people like you! Cavali had a beautiful hand painted and street mural inspired gown in his Spring collections that can be seen on and we are uploading the pic for you lust after as well in conjunction with one of our own hand painted creations!

Keep checking back for more..We ALWAYS got your fashion back!

The Ladies of THRIFT

Monday, February 2, 2009

THRIFT--Branches out to menswear!

Hey guys!!

Just an update! We are excited to announce that THRIFT will be branching out to men's fashion in conjunction with our women's line. Keep an eye out for funky ties and tees for the hip boys out there! Also, keep your eyes peeled for some awesome band collabos that we currently have in the works! We are so excited to bring you some new stuff and include the boys in on the fun! Also, we will be working on some fun screen prints with our logo on new accessories like: handbags, scarves, ties, men's tees as well as on our dresses. Can't wait to show you the new additions.. Hope you are ready....


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