Monday, May 2, 2011

We're BACK! and Getting a MAKEOVER!

Alright, so yeah...It's been a long 2 years. Thrift - the line - has been put on the back burner, but I'm prepped to get writing here on the blog! I'll be sure to share my fave vintage finds, locations and events and of course graphic imagery! Glad to finally be back and I hope you can forgive me for not posting in so long!! The MBA is finally done and now I'm ready to rumble!!

Till the blog is officially complete you can check out my fashion trends blog at The Fashion Revolucion and my column in The Chicago Examiner!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

In Search of Inspiration-vintage hair!

So, here at Thrift, we have been in search of inspiration--whether it be movies, photography, museums or even hair!! Recently, we came across these incredible black and white contemporary photos that reminded me of the vintage vixen Barbarella! The look is vampy, chic and incredibly sexy! I love the look and it inspired me to create some wonderful 50's 60's styles dresses that are one bit housewife housedress one bit sex kitten!! Here are those images of the hairstyles! Thoughts?? Opinions?!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thrifty Fashion Trends

Recently, there was a great article in the weekend Tribune that caught my eye. As many of you have seen throughout my time on the thrift blog. I am an avid thrifter and lover of vintage! I am also very into the eco-chic green movement in the fashion industry! We have created a line of reconstructed vintage thrift items under the line name of THRIFT! That just goes to show my passion. So, it was only justifiable to smile broadly and giggle with glee as I read an article about how second hand fashions are the new thing to do, buy and wear!

The article really goes to show how far thrifty chic shoppers have come during this great reccession! Women near and far are really becoming creative and cost efficient in their shopping adventures! They are going to consignment shops, vintage stores and thrift stores to find items that are often unused, worn once or still in great shape!

Some great options the article offered its readers were: Value Village, Salvation Army, and Goodwill! You can even take your hunting online and visit places like Ebay and Etsy!
Don't be embarrased to shop at places like this! It's the hot and smart thing to do as well as an eco-concious option! According to the article, "70% of adults state that buying used clothing in now more socially acceptable than 5 or 10 years ago [ . . . ] 43% say it is easier to purchase popular items used rather than new!"

It's a great trend that really gives you bang for your buck! If you can get a quality and name brand item on consignment or at a resale shop, why spend the extra cash and pay retail?! It makes no sense! I also suggest taking into consideration reconstruction! If you find a great vintage find that is a good fit, but a bit to lonf, take creativity into your own hands and hem the item to the length you want or belt it to cinch the waist to fit you better! Better yet, check out the hand made reconstructed vintage thrift store finds at: the good find on Etsy!

Thrifting is the new it thing to do! It's cost efficient, good for the earth and good for you! Make sure to make some time when you go on your trips and look at the visit as an adventure to find some great new items. What is better than finding a unique and cute top for only 50 cents?! I can't find anything as fun :)!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography over the years has expanded and become increasingly artistic. As technology has advanced so has the style within fashion photography. Many artists argue over whether or not digital or manual photography is the best fit for fashion photography, but I see some incredible pieces come from both genres.

A great trend that can be seen in many artistic fashion photographs is a combination of vintage looks including black and white and dated looking images from the 20's and 50's mixed with surrealism. The effect is striking and beautiful. One renowned photographer in the industry is Eugenio Recuenco and his pieces have paved the way for ecclecticly styled fashion photography. His ability to tell a story within a photograph is uncanny and his style is remarkable.
His pieces are works of art and he has worked with many big names to create high end editorial pieces to advertising campaigns for corporate companies. His view of the fashion world is almost comedic, but it always chic and eerily sexy. Definitely check out his website (see link below) for some of your own inspiration!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Art for Art Sakes

Inspiration can be found in the most unique and even odd places. THRIFT is all about creating wearable art and it is neccesary to be inspired by interesting objects and works of art. We look everywhere for special vintage inspiration. Here is just a taste of a great realistic oil painter that we have been following: Chris Achesson.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Vintage and Retro the NEW Trend in Graphic Design

Thrift ABSOLUTELY loves it! We just read this incredibly interesting article in Smashing Magazine (a graphics related mag) about how Vintage and Retro stylings are the new it thang in the graphics world! HEHE (Everyone else is FINALLY catching up!)

Check the article out here:

Look out world he were come clad in vintage chic greatness!



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

THRIFT's Branching into Accessories

Check out our latest most innovative crafty creation! Thrift has been working on a line of interesting wearable pieces of art. These creative rings are inspired by the summer that will soon begin to surround us. We have utilized victorian, nautical and bohemian inspiration for this line of incredibly chic and very fun rings! They range in price from 5-10 bucks each plus shipping and handling! Definitely take a look at:!

As always the rings are eco-friendly and made from already existing and recycled material, using vintage earrings, pins & knick knacks into hip & trendy rings!

Happy Shopping Thrifters!

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