Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thrift for the Chicago Style Examiner

As of yesterday, Thrift has been noticed by the Chicago Examiner for our "Recycled Creations"! 
The article was wonderful and we couldn't be more proud and excited to see that we are being noticed for our hard work! 

Click to find out what Patricia Johnson had to say about Thrift!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

THRIFT in the News!

We just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for all the support! Thrift was recently showcased on FRIDAY Chicagopicks.com newsletter as well as two magazine spotlights in The Wave Magazine and Venuszine Magazine! We are so excited to share our vision with you all! Take a second and read the fun articles and keep up the love! We appreciate it more than we could put into words!!!

The Wave Magazine: THRIFT--A Chicago Line- Where Fashion Meets Art (http://thewavemag.net/67143/68201.html)

Chicagopicks.com Friday January 23, 2009 Edition

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Envision, Believe, Create

Thrift is evolving and becoming so much more than Victoria and I have ever dreamed of. As we both have been working harder and harder to develop this line it has become like a child to both of us. We have envisioned great things and as we work on the line it is flourishing into such positive things.

As you all know, we consider THRIFT unique for a multitude of reasons, but one in particular strikes so many chords with the Chicago public and that is the fact that we are an eco-friendly line. We create recycled, reconstructed and hand painted garments from vintage shops and thrift stores into NEW and unique pieces!! What better way to ensure we don't leave a huge carbon footprint, then recycling what is already here into things you can use again and still look gorgeous in!?

As we are growing, we are directing ourselves and this line towards a positive standing. We believe in what we are doing and we love what we are doing and we hope you do to! As of late, we have been experimenting with unique screen printing and regular printing techniques using eco-friendly dyes and recycled all natural fabrics! We have just created some fun fabrics to use for accessories utilizing our THRIFT logo (see picture to left). This logo can also be found on some refurbished/recycled purses that are currently in the works! Our creativity is in overdrive guys and we are bringing you some great stuff!! Nothing is going to waste in our shop, we are even packaging and wrapping with recycled paper and fabric scraps!! So, definately take a look- see at our Esty Shop: http://www.thegoodfind.etsy.com/! Also, make us your friend on myspace: www.myspace.com/thegoodfind!

Keep your eyes peeled for some great new stuff!! Take care all!!


Monday, January 12, 2009

A Little Insight to the Soul(s) of Thrift

Hey Thrifters and Bloggers!

This is Jenny Lezan, one of the co-owners of Thrift. I just wanted to introduce myself and Victoria and tell you a little about who we are and why we are doing what we are doing-- pursuing our dreams. Me and Victoria met a little over 2 years ago at the Art Insitute as transfer students. As we grew closer we both realized that we had many things in common. Most importantly, a dream in common, to start our own fashion line.

Both Victoria and I are incredibly driven and we each have own strengths that add to our partnership as a whole. In September of 2008, Thrift was born. Over the last 4 months we began to put our ideas down in writing and started taking action towards our goals. We have realized that our dreams are feasible as long as we are willing to go for them. Both of us came from lives that were a little more difficult than most and we have worked incredibly hard to overcome all the obstacles life has put before us. The way we look at it, NOTHING in life is impossible.

Vicky and I are the perfect combination of creative floetry and business know how. Thrift is the culmination of this creative ability and business know how and it is a unique home grown fashion line created with a whole lotta heart and a whole lotta soul. Victoria acts as owner of Thrift. As well as creative designer of garments, head managing stylist, and graphic designer of all marketing endeavors of Thrift. I act as Co-owner of Thrift. As well as creative designer of garments, Promotions and PR Director, and Business Liason of Thrift.

Take a look at our creations at: thegoodfind.etsy.com and feel free to leave us comments on our blog! We look forward to tapping into your creative side with beautiful pieces of reconstructed vintage wearable art :) check us out at: http://www.thegoodfind.etsy.com/ OR at: www.myspace.com/thegoodfind!


Hey guys!

We at Thrift are incredibly excited and proud to announce our Spring 2009 Women's Fashion Line. We have been working really hard to create a line that is unique, fun and beautiful for all of the unique, fun and beautiful women out there. We hope our line gives you strength and pride and the power to walk tall.

We had a great time last night during our photoshoot. Of course, as there always is, there were some crazy shenanigans that went on when things didn't work out as planned, BUT Victoria and I worked through it, just like we always do and created beauty in the process.

Lady's and gents take a look at our full Spring 2009 Line at: www.myspace.com/thegoodfind and feel free to purchase garments at http://www.thegoodfind.etsy.com/!

Stay tuned for more!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Keeping Vintage Fashion Eco-Friendly

As I was doing some trend research for the upcoming seasons I came across some great ideas for the upcoming seasons. The best of all these ideas was the idea of “Conservation Couture”. Conservation Couture can be seen in vintage work wear, eco-friendly and repurposeful products. As we all know, Mother Earth definitely needs some loving and we at Thrift think we are helping out with our creations.

As Thrift continues its search for vintage finds to reconstruct into great unique and contemporary items, a thought always comes across our minds as designers. Why are we creating this? Of course, we are doing this because these are items that we have been looking for, BUT I think I would like to say we are doing it to serve a higher purpose. By reconstructing vintage garments we are doing our part to keep our Earth green and happy!

Thrift is basically repurposing the vintage garments we find by recreating them into new styles of clothing that can be used again. We are not generating waste by manufacturing new items and we keep the recycling process going by only creating one of kind pieces that are never mass produced. This keeps the integrity and exclusivity of the line while keeping the line eco-friendly!

Thrift is constantly searching out more vintage items to reconstruct and add to the line!
Keep an eye out for our Spring 2009 line to be premiered in a little over a week! Make us your friend on myspace at: www.myspace.com/thegoodfind OR find your own one of a kind good find that is eco-friendly and o’ so chic at: http://www.thegoodfind.etsy.com/!

Till we talk again my friends!

Team Thrift

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