Tuesday, April 14, 2009

THRIFT's Branching into Accessories

Check out our latest most innovative crafty creation! Thrift has been working on a line of interesting wearable pieces of art. These creative rings are inspired by the summer that will soon begin to surround us. We have utilized victorian, nautical and bohemian inspiration for this line of incredibly chic and very fun rings! They range in price from 5-10 bucks each plus shipping and handling! Definitely take a look at: http://www.thegoodfind.etsy.com/!

As always the rings are eco-friendly and made from already existing and recycled material, using vintage earrings, pins & knick knacks into hip & trendy rings!

Happy Shopping Thrifters!

x's and o's

Team THRIFT- for the good find

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kelse said...

ooooh that last one is freaking amazing

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