Monday, May 11, 2009

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography over the years has expanded and become increasingly artistic. As technology has advanced so has the style within fashion photography. Many artists argue over whether or not digital or manual photography is the best fit for fashion photography, but I see some incredible pieces come from both genres.

A great trend that can be seen in many artistic fashion photographs is a combination of vintage looks including black and white and dated looking images from the 20's and 50's mixed with surrealism. The effect is striking and beautiful. One renowned photographer in the industry is Eugenio Recuenco and his pieces have paved the way for ecclecticly styled fashion photography. His ability to tell a story within a photograph is uncanny and his style is remarkable.
His pieces are works of art and he has worked with many big names to create high end editorial pieces to advertising campaigns for corporate companies. His view of the fashion world is almost comedic, but it always chic and eerily sexy. Definitely check out his website (see link below) for some of your own inspiration!

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