Monday, December 8, 2008

Going THRIFTING This Holiday Season!

This season, with the economic turn down and all, what better way to save a few bucks and find a unique gift than thrifting?! Thrifting can be a great approach this holiday season and can allow you to buy great unique gifts on a reccionista budget.

Here are some great tips for thrifting:

Go with an open mind! Thrifting is more of an experience when it comes to shopping. Going to the mall allows for convienance while thrifting can be considered an art form. It takes a little time and a whole lotta patience. But remember, you always find great finds at great prices. Also, remember that garments can always be tailored, hemmed and even re-constructed and the garment will still only be a fraction of the cost that it would be at a chain store. It is not always neccessary to go in looking for a specific item. Just make sure you keep the person you are shopping for in mind and the fact that many hidden gems can be turned into great show pieces with enough effort and accessorizing.

Do your research. Look up, using an online web search, local thrift stores near or around your home town. Make sure you read the reviews and maybe even ask friends about it! It is sometimes better to know what you are getting yourself into before hand rather than wasting your time and a trip. Reading reviews will help you decide where to go and when and they can even tell you about the service, people and if the racks are organized (which always makes thrifting that much easier).

Set aside a day or a weekend for your shopping adventure. It is always better to shop with time on your hands in order to not feel rushed or pressured into buying something that is not exactly what you want. You need to give yourself enough time to go through the racks at a thrift shop and sometimes that can be daunting due to overpicked disorganization. It is also important that you think through what you are going to buy and how you are going to make it work. For instance, you see a beautiful skirt for 50 cents and you know it could be a great buy for your younger sister, but it needs to be hemmed... Well, you need to allot enough time for either yourself or a professional to get the hemming done.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize! Accessories are always a surefire item to get! Often times you can find great vintage jewelry that need no changes and can be given as is. Make sure you vamp up the gift with some great wrapping or gift boxes for effect!

Remember items can always be reconstructed. We at Thrift- for the good find, specialize in just that! We hand reconstruct thrift and vintage store finds for unique one of a kind girls! This holiday season it's the thought that counts. NOT the place you got it from OR the amount you paid for it! Just shoot us an e-mail for a consultation to review our one of a kind garments for you or that special someone! Check us out at OR www.myspace/thegoodfind!

The Thrift Team!

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