Tuesday, December 16, 2008


My musings on our Spring '09 line.....

So, what I have realized over the past month or so is the fact that part of starting a company involves the ideas of evolution and adaptation. Not just as a person or a team, but also in the vision of what you hope to create. Many companies change over the course of their existence as they find their own vision and niches. Over the last few months as Thrift has been evolving in the minds of me and Victoria, we have seen a slight change in the direction of our designs. We are still a hand reconstructed vintage clothing line, but we have realized we want to stand out. As we have been designing, Victoria and I have asked ourselves "who are we?" "what is thrift?" But, most importantly, "What do the Thrifters like me and you really want?"

We have realized that we are 2 unique women looking for great feminine pieces with a funky appeal at a really good price! Just like many of YOU out there! Thrift is what you, as well as we, have been looking for! A special shop with one a kind garments that you KNOW no one else will have. All of them at GREAT prices too!

As Thrift has found its calling, we are proud to announce our Spring '09 Line. It is the culmination of "Girl Meets Art". Each of the pieces that will be showcased are hand reconstructed pieces of wearable art. We are showcasing great spring colors with some not so ordinary spring colors such as: teal, pale yellow, purples, light pink, magentas, blue, white and hues of greens. Each piece was lovingly created with 2 hands, 2 hearts and a soulful vision.

This season we have brought in Nikki Berna as a featured artist to collaborate on our line. She is an incredible artist with the ability to create one of a kind painted detailing on our garments with the use of raw objects and unconventional techniques. Her extraordinary patterned painted creations combined with our very feminine appeal will definately leave you guys wanting more! Keep checking our etsy: www.thegoodfind.etsy.com and our blog for more!! Stay tuned thrifters!

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so when you guys making the guys clothes?

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