Sunday, January 4, 2009

Keeping Vintage Fashion Eco-Friendly

As I was doing some trend research for the upcoming seasons I came across some great ideas for the upcoming seasons. The best of all these ideas was the idea of “Conservation Couture”. Conservation Couture can be seen in vintage work wear, eco-friendly and repurposeful products. As we all know, Mother Earth definitely needs some loving and we at Thrift think we are helping out with our creations.

As Thrift continues its search for vintage finds to reconstruct into great unique and contemporary items, a thought always comes across our minds as designers. Why are we creating this? Of course, we are doing this because these are items that we have been looking for, BUT I think I would like to say we are doing it to serve a higher purpose. By reconstructing vintage garments we are doing our part to keep our Earth green and happy!

Thrift is basically repurposing the vintage garments we find by recreating them into new styles of clothing that can be used again. We are not generating waste by manufacturing new items and we keep the recycling process going by only creating one of kind pieces that are never mass produced. This keeps the integrity and exclusivity of the line while keeping the line eco-friendly!

Thrift is constantly searching out more vintage items to reconstruct and add to the line!
Keep an eye out for our Spring 2009 line to be premiered in a little over a week! Make us your friend on myspace at: OR find your own one of a kind good find that is eco-friendly and o’ so chic at:!

Till we talk again my friends!

Team Thrift

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