Sunday, January 18, 2009

Envision, Believe, Create

Thrift is evolving and becoming so much more than Victoria and I have ever dreamed of. As we both have been working harder and harder to develop this line it has become like a child to both of us. We have envisioned great things and as we work on the line it is flourishing into such positive things.

As you all know, we consider THRIFT unique for a multitude of reasons, but one in particular strikes so many chords with the Chicago public and that is the fact that we are an eco-friendly line. We create recycled, reconstructed and hand painted garments from vintage shops and thrift stores into NEW and unique pieces!! What better way to ensure we don't leave a huge carbon footprint, then recycling what is already here into things you can use again and still look gorgeous in!?

As we are growing, we are directing ourselves and this line towards a positive standing. We believe in what we are doing and we love what we are doing and we hope you do to! As of late, we have been experimenting with unique screen printing and regular printing techniques using eco-friendly dyes and recycled all natural fabrics! We have just created some fun fabrics to use for accessories utilizing our THRIFT logo (see picture to left). This logo can also be found on some refurbished/recycled purses that are currently in the works! Our creativity is in overdrive guys and we are bringing you some great stuff!! Nothing is going to waste in our shop, we are even packaging and wrapping with recycled paper and fabric scraps!! So, definately take a look- see at our Esty Shop:! Also, make us your friend on myspace:!

Keep your eyes peeled for some great new stuff!! Take care all!!


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Brigitte said...

Oh, I'm loving that! I also write about thrift stores in my blog so neat to connect. =D

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