Monday, March 9, 2009

Artist Girl Power!

We at THRIFT are all about empowering women to be inspiring, creative and most importantly confident! Because of that we just love learning about other women trying to make a name for themselves with art!

We were able to catch wind about an incredible artist out of Santa Cruz! Sarah Jane is her name and you should definitely check her stuff out on myspace. She is a singer, but she also does incredible grafitti art and in the essence of one of a kind pieces - hand paints accessories!

Sarah Jane and THRIFT are soul mates! She creates bold beautiful grafitti inspired paintings and wall art in the Santa Cruz, Cali area! We just fell in love with her bold and bright colors and ecclectic style! She primarily focuses on her music and art work, but likes to dabble in designing. She sells fun hand painted hats and hoodies that we know THRIFT lovers would LOVE to rock!

She is also a great musician with a hip hop, rock pop vibe. She's got spunky style with fun lyrics! While you are browsing our spot on myspace: take a second and give her a shout at:!

Have a great week lovely readers!


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