Monday, March 16, 2009


If you ladies, are just like us, you know that a great day often includes listening to some great tunes by likes of Joan Jett and Blondie, chilling out reading a book, and painting your toesies that awesome shade of blood red, but it just always seems to chip, doesn't it??

Like the saying goes in Breakfast at Tiffany's, "Don't you ever just feel like you've got the mean reds?"....Just like that chipped polish on your fingers and the slightly unkempt yet fabulously chic Holly Go Lightly, your are NOT perfect.

Yet, isn't that what makes you so special, so creative, so unique? Ladies, I present to you the artist collective and new Chicago crew: Chipped Red Polish! Victoria and I recently joined this group of aspiring and established musicians, artists and designers. Each of the women in this group is so incredibly talented they must be commiting some sort of felony! Their beauty, grace and brains is what drew us to the group!


Chipped Red Polish is all about promoting each of the artists through an online blog (check us out:, Myspace ( and YES through nightlife events! We will be out and about Chicago throwing banging parties while promoting a positive feel in the artistic industry as well as each of our own work!

This past Sunday all the ladies of the CRP Crew got together for a photoshoot! The images will be up on our blog and myspace shortly! The kind owners of Chicago's own HellzBellz were nice enough to get us some great tees to vogue in!

In conjunction with this new endeavor THRIFT-for the good find is embarking on, Victoria and I will each be branching into our own specialized blogs for Chipped Red Polish. We both will continue to update the THRIFT blog with great ideas that pertain to the line as well as showcase new additions for Summer and Winter! So, please keep checking back. BUT--Make sure you check out each of our new blogs as well!

Jenny's Blog--The Style File (
Vicky's Blog--Beast Bid (

Stay tuned!


Check out your very own good find at:! Don't forget to be our friend on myspace:!

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